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Australian Government Web Archive

The Australian Government Web Archive (AGWA) is a web archiving initiative of the National Library of Australia and it complements the Library's long established PANDORA Archive. The AGWA is a collection of Commonwealth Government websites with the earliest content collected in June 2011. Selected older government web content along with some state and local government material may be found at in the PANDORA Archive.

This initial release of the AGWA is made available in the public interest to provide access to this archival material. The Library intends that this service will be more closely aligned with its other discovery services in the future as it continues the redevelopment of its digital library infrastructure.

Disclaimer: The AGWA is a specialised service that incorporates the delivery of historic snapshots of third-party content - that is, content not created by the NLA - as faithfully to the original as the technologies used allow. However, content in the archive may not comply with accessibility standards and some of the functionality and content of the original websites may be absent.

Browser note: The AGWA has been developed using HTML5 in order to deliver access to archived web content while retaining browser navigation. Older browsers that do not support HTML5 will not provide full functional access to the archive. It is recommended that of the AGWA should be viewed using current versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers. For more information on why HTML5 is used, see the About section.

Keywords must not contains numerical digits in the current version of AGWA. Search phrases may be entered by enclosing keywords in double quotes - e.g. "annual report". Keywords can be excluded by prefixing them with a minus sign - e.g. -unwanted.

URLs can be entered as http://www.example.com/path/to/resource or simply www.example.com/path/to/resource.

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